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Secrets on Secrets

In all her acceptance speeches, she would thank her husband last. Usually sounded like an afterthought. But she did. Each time. 

“Oh, and honey, thank you for everything. I love you,” as she lifted the award and walked off stage.

“Wait! I almost forgot- David! You’re the best. You are the reason I’m here.”

“David, my dear husband, sitting somewhere in the back, no doubt looking bored. He’s the one to thank.” And quickly, “ You look after the kids, you make me dinner when my nose is still in my laptop, you give me the space and freedom to create this world.” 

She would shuffle through the press lines, the hoards of actors vying to “just have a minute”, and find her way back to David. He indeed looked bored. Proud, but bored. 

“Can we?” He’d ask. 

“Yes please.” And they’d swiftly make their leave. 

The car ride home would be about anything but the glitz and glam they just left. The frenetic energy gradually dissipated as they wound their way through the canyons to their ranch.

Then, “I know what’s next.”


“Yes. The next will be about secrets. Happily married, loving family, active part of the community, PTA, HOA. But. 16 years in witness protection for white collar accounting crimes exceeding $109 million.”  

“Brilliant! I love it… And I brought my laptop because I knew you always get inspiration after these events. You dictate, I’ll type it out.” 

She reached for her Macbook Air in the backseat and began typing. 

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